About our Parliament


There are a range of educational programmes provided at Parliament for student groups, public servants, and others who want to learn about parliamentary processes. These are supported by learning resources including our Explore Parliament interactive website, fact sheets, and procedural guides for you to download.

  • School programmes

    Students on a tour of the debating chamber.

    Students on a tour of the debating chamber.

    Education Services offers a range of educational programmes for schools, teachers, students, and other educational institutions. Find out about our educational programmes here. School programmes

  • Explore Parliament

    Students and a sketch of Parliament House.

    Students and a sketch of Parliament House.

    Parliament's interactive website for students and teachers invites young people to explore parliamentary concepts in a stimulating and educational setting. Use our interactive screens to find out how laws are made and about different styles of leadership. Explore Parliament

  • Tertiary programmes

    We can provide seminars for tertiary students, particularly those studying political science, public administration, law, and journalism.

    Seminars include information about the functions and processes of the House and select committees. More specialist needs can also be met by arrangement. Tertiary programmes

  • Public service programmes

    Public servants whose work comes in direct contact with parliamentary processes will find these public service programmes helpful. For example, public servants involved in policy work and parliamentary questions, might attend.

    Seminars can be provided at Parliament House or in-house at the workplace. Public service programmes

  • Special interest programmes

    We provide seminars for people with a particular need to learn about parliamentary processes, like news media, businesses in regular contact with the House and select committees, and non-government organisations. Special interest programmes

  • Resources

    Find out about the resources available from Education Services for use by students and schools. New resources will be available online from early 2014. Resources