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Parliamentary Service
5 May 2010
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Parliament Buildings
Molesworth Street
Wellington 6160
New Zealand
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Parliament Buildings are in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Here’s how to find us if you are travelling by plane, train, car, bus, or on foot.

Parliament Buildings’ street address

Parliament Buildings
Molesworth Street
Wellington 6160
New Zealand

Visitor Centre contact details

Telephone: + 64 4 817 9503
Fax: + 64 4 817 6743
Email: Use the email contact links on this page

Find Parliament from Wellington airport

The parliamentary complex is a 20-minute drive from Wellington airport. Hire cars, shuttles, buses, and taxi services are available at the airport. The Stagecoach Flyer bus leaves the airport at regular intervals seven days a week, and stops right outside Parliament grounds.

Find Parliament from Wellington railway station

Parliament is just a five-minute walk from Wellington railway station. Follow the City Centre subway to Platform D, turn right, and look for the distinctive Beehive building.

Map of Parliamentary campus and nearby streets.

Find Parliament by car

You can park your car for up to two-hours on Molesworth Street and on the side streets surrounding the parliamentary complex. Pay the hourly parking fee at the meter.

There are public car parks in Waring Taylor Street and on the Terrace.

There is no parking in Parliament grounds, but disabled visitors may be set down on the forecourt.

Bus services to Parliament

The Stagecoach City Circular bus runs at regular intervals, seven days a week. This bus stops close to the lower gates of Parliament grounds.

It is also easy to find Parliament on foot from the main bus depot — just walk towards the city centre from the bus depot and you will see Parliament Buildings immediately ahead of you.

Find Parliament on foot

Parliament grounds are close to nearby Thorndon and most of the inner city. To find the Visitor Centre, walk across Parliament grounds towards the main Parliament entrance and follow the signs.