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New Zealand Parliament

Dissolving of the 48th Parliament on the steps of Parliament House.

The 48th Parliament was dissolved on 3 October 2008: the Herald of Arms Extraordinary to The Queen reads the Proclamation in the presence of the Clerk of the House and official witnesses.

6 October 2008
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48th Parliament has been dissolved

The 48th Parliament was brought to an end at 3 pm on Friday, 3 October 2008, when a proclamation was read on the steps of Parliament House. This was the first step towards the holding of the general election on Saturday, 8 November 2008.

The proclamation was read out by Mr Phillip O’Shea CNZM, LVO, New Zealand Herald of Arms Extraordinary to The Queen, as the authorised representative of The Governor-General, His Excellency The Honourable Anand Satyanand, PCNZM, QSO. The Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mary Harris, the Deputy Clerk of the House, Debra Angus, and Clerk-Assistant (House), Fay Paterson, attended as official witnesses, but a number of members of the public and parliamentary staff were also present for the ceremony.

The Governor-General has also issued a proclamation summoning Parliament. This practice recognises the Crown’s intention to preserve the continuity of Parliament. The new Parliament must be called within six weeks of the return of the writ (final election results).

The next step will be for the Governor-General to issue a writ to the Chief Electoral Officer directing him to conduct a general election of members of the House of Representatives. The writ will specify the latest day for the nomination of candidates, polling day, and the latest day for the return of the writ with the name of elected constituency candidates. Further information is available from