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New Zealand Parliament

Parliament’s new Kaumātua Rose White-Tahuparae.

Parliament’s new Kaumātua Rose White-Tahuparae. Photo: New Zealand Parliament Collection.

7 May 2009

New Kaumātua for Parliament appointed

Parliament’s new Kaumātua is Rose White–Tahupārae from Wanganui who will manage the Māori component of all formal and important occasions, ceremonies, and events for the Speaker and his departments, the Office of the Clerk and the Parliamentary Service.

In accepting the role, the new Kaumātua said it was an honour to be formally appointed to the position.

“I will perform this role on behalf of the motu (nation) with humility and mana,” she said.

Her late husband Rangitihi Tahupārae who was appointed in 2000 as the first Kaumātua Te Whare Pāremata, died in October of last year.

Rose White–Tahupārae supported the role of Kaumātua, accompanying her late husband as Kuia on formal and ceremonial occasions. She also managed administrative and coordinating functions relating to the role of Kaumātua.

The position of Kaumātua will also support the Kaiwhakarite Māori while providing advice on Māori protocols and procedures and policies that relate to Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori.

The Kaiwhakarite for the Parliamentary Service, Kura Moeahu, said there is a high demand for Tikanga Māori elements to be incorporated into ceremonies held at Parliament and it will be her role to oversee such ceremonies.”

He said the term Kaumātua can refer to an older male or female who is selected to perform specific roles and functions on behalf of the people. Support and participation from appropriate persons to perform the various roles in accordance with tikanga Māori will be coordinated by the new Kaumātua,” he said.