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11 July 2011
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Parliamentary broadcasting has an extensive audience

An online poll undertaken in May shows that approximately 33 percent of the respondents had watched or heard parliamentary broadcasting over the previous 6 months. The figure over the previous month was 23 percent.

Of those who had watched or heard, 56 percent had watched Parliament TV on free-to-air television, while 30 percent had listened on the radio. Pay television viewers were 27 percent, while 14 percent viewed internet streaming.

Women are more likely to listen on the radio than men, while figures for television are largely equal.

All respondents were also asked about their opinions of the importance of parliamentary broadcasting. Free-to-air television coverage is considered important by 82 percent, while 76 percent consider the radio broadcast to be important. These are respondents who rated it as either “very important” or “quite important”.

This data provides important information for the future shape of parliamentary broadcasting. Audience across the range of media will be measured over time to monitor trends.

Respondents were asked not to consider news reports on other broadcast networks when answering these questions.

Online polling panellists are well distributed across all demographics, although it is possible that poll results are slightly inflated due to parts of the population not having access to the internet.

You can watch Parliament TV on Freeview 22, Sky, 94, TelstraClear 94, and live streaming on this site. Radio broadcasting is available on Radio New Zealand’s AM Network.