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New Zealand Parliament

House of Representatives in session with the Press Gallery above.

The New Zealand House of Representatives with the Press Gallery above. Photo: Parliamentary Service Collection.

17 September 2009
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How to contact a member of Parliament

Members of Parliament are your representatives in Parliament. You can contact them at their offices in the parliamentary precinct or at their out-of-Parliament or electorate offices. Each member of Parliament (MP) has a dual role of representing people’s views to the House and the Government and of representing the actions of the House and the Government to the people.

The members of Parliament pages on this website contain a contact list and biographical details for all members of Parliament. The list under the heading “Current MPs” can be displayed in a variety of ways, for example by political party, by electorate, by select committee, etc. MPs’ biographies are also found under the “Current MPs” heading, by clicking on the name of any individual MP.

If you are wanting to contact a Minister with regard to his/her portfolio responsibilities you will find additional information on the Executive Government website.

Maintaining a close connection between MPs and voters is an important feature of New Zealand’s democracy. MPs preserve this connection through various means, such as newsletters, websites and regular clinics in their electorate or out-of-Parliament offices. Voters can go to their MP for help, and MPs frequently represent them on particular issues.

There is further information on the “Contact an MP” page on this website. Here you will find other advice such as protocol and forms of address to use when you are writing, speaking to, or introducing an MP.