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New Zealand Parliament

Quackery Prevention Act 1908, online and as printed.

Quackery Prevention Act 1908, online and as printed. Photo: Parliamentary Counsel Office.

16 November 2010
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Historical Acts available online

New Zealand Acts as enacted by Parliament and the earlier Legislative Council, are now available online going right back to 1841.

The New Zealand Acts 1841–2007 As-Enacted Collection has been put together by the Parliamentary Counsel Office by scanning original printed volumes to produce facsimiles in PDF format. The files have also been through an OCR (optical character recognition) process, which makes the text searchable.

All Acts from between 1841 and 2007 are included in the collection, whether or not they have been repealed. They are in their original form, so do not include any later amendments.

The collection is hosted by NZLII, the New Zealand Legal Information Institute.

For current legislation, and for Acts repealed since 2007, visit the New Zealand Legislation website.