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13 March 2012
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Have your say on the MMP review

New Zealand’s House of Representatives is elected using the mixed member proportional representation (MMP) voting system. The Electoral Commission is currently reviewing MMP and is seeking public submissions. Any member of the public can make a submission, as an individual or representing a group or organisation. You can make your submission online, by email, or on paper, as well as in person at public hearings.

If you wish to appear at a public hearing your submission must be received by 5 April 2012. All other submissions must be received by 31 May. Once submissions close, the commission will develop a set of proposals, taking into account the information and views presented in submissions and from the public hearings. These will be released as a Proposal Paper in August, and the public will again be invited to comment. The final report will be presented to the Minister of Justice at the end of October.

The Electoral Referendum Act 2010 sets out the issues the commission must consider in the review. These are:

  • what thresholds parties should have to cross to qualify for an allocation of list seats in Parliament
  • whether list MPs should be able to stand as candidates in a by-election
  • whether a person should be able to stand as a candidate for an electorate seat and on a party list
  • whether voters or political parties should decide the order of candidates on a party list
  • what should happen when a party wins more electorate seats than it would be entitled to under its share of the party vote
  • the effects of population growth on the ratio of electorate seats to list seats.

The commission can also consider other issues, as long as they relate directly to the way MMP works. Parliament has excluded Māori representation and the number of Members of Parliament from the review.