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New Zealand Parliament

Members of Parliament sitting in debating chamber.

House of Representatives in session. Photo: Parliament TV.

14 November 2012
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Recommended House sitting dates for 2013

A recommended sitting programme for 2013 has been presented to the House.

Each year the Business Committee recommends a sitting programme to the House for the following calendar year. The recommended programme must provide for the House to sit on about 90 days in the year, with the first day being no later than the last Tuesday in February. The recommended programme would have the House resume on 29 January 2013.

Once adopted by the House, the sitting programme operates subject to any decision by the House to the contrary. The adoption of a sitting programme is normally one of the final things the House does before adjourning at the end of the year.

You can view the recommended sitting programme from the related document link on this page. Once a programme has been adopted by the House, it will be available in calendar form on this site. There is also a link to the current sitting programme on this page.