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New Zealand Parliament

A close-up image of the green cover of the Standing Orders, including the title and the parliamentary crest.

The 2011 Standing Orders. Photo: Office of the Clerk.

29 November 2012
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Standing Orders now more accessible

The 2011 Standing Orders are now available in both html and pdf versions on this website.

The Standing Orders are the rules of the House of Representatives and provide for the conduct of its proceedings and for the exercise of its powers. Adding an html version of the 2011 Standing Orders makes the rules of the House more accessible to members of the public, members of Parliament and the Public Service.

You can quickly find the information you need using the fully linked contents page to the chapters within the 2011 Standing Orders and the sections in each chapter. Over time more links to the 2011 Standing Orders will be added.

We welcome your feedback on this website. We want the information on it to be easy to access and easy to use.