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New Zealand Parliament

The Beehive and Parliament House buildings.

Executive Wing (known as the Beehive) beside Parliament House. Photo: Parliamentary Service Collection.

12 December 2012
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Organisations working within the parliamentary precincts

Five organisations work within the parliamentary precincts, supporting Parliament and the executive (the Government).

There are two organisations providing services to Parliament.

  • The Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives provides specialist advice on procedure and parliamentary law and secretariat services to the House and its select committees. It is responsible for broadcasting the sittings of the House, and for publishing information about the House’s proceedings (including on this website).

  • The Parliamentary Service provides administrative and support services to the House and MPs. It also manages Parliament’s buildings and grounds. Services provided to the public include public tours, educational services for schools, a visitor centre and gift shop and an information service.

There are three organisations providing services to the executive.

  • The Parliamentary Counsel Office is New Zealand’s law drafting office. It is responsible for drafting most New Zealand legislation, and for publishing New Zealand Acts of Parliament and Statutory Regulations, both in hard copy and on the New Zealand Legislation website.

  • The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides the executive with advice and support services to assist Government decision-making. It is one of three central agencies responsible for coordinating and managing public sector performance. The others are the State Services Commission and the Treasury.

  • The Department of Internal Affairs’ Ministerial and Secretariat Services (MaSS) provides Government Ministers with support services. It looks after HR, administrative, and financial matters for Ministers and their offices and provides their transport. In addition, MaSS administers the programmes of distinguished visitors to New Zealand and major national ceremonies such as Anzac Day. MaSS also administers special Commissions of Inquiry when they are established.

Further information about the services offered by all these agencies can be found via the Related Links panel on this page.