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New Zealand Parliament

The Prime Minister on his feet in the debating chamber, addressing members.

The Prime Minister addresses the House of Representatives. Photo: Parliament TV.

28 January 2013
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Parliament to resume with Prime Minister’s statement

Parliament will resume sitting on Tuesday, 29 January at 2 p.m.

Business will begin with a statement from the Prime Minister. Under the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives, on the first sitting day of the year the Prime Minister must present a statement reviewing public affairs and outlining the Government’s legislative and other policy intentions for the next 12 months. After presenting the statement, the Prime Minister will move a motion relating to it. Members then debate the statement. The debate, which has a time limit of 15 hours and usually extends over several sitting days, is taken ahead of all other Government business.

There will be no question time on the first sitting day.

All business currently before the House is listed on the Order Paper. To see the Order Paper go to the related links on this page. You can also find assistance on how to read the Order Paper.

To see the current status of any bill before the House you can view the Progress of legislation table. To see all the documentation related to any particular bill you can go to the main bills page.