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One of Parliament's select committee rooms: Photo: Parliamentary Service Collection.

18 May 2009
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Auckland Governance Legislation Committee established

The House has established a select committee to consider any legislation concerning the governance of Auckland that may be referred to it, and to report to the House on that legislation. The Local Government (Auckland Council) Bill has been referred to the committee, for report by 4 September 2009.

Parties must now advise the Speaker of the members who will fill their allocated seats on the committee. The allocation is New Zealand National (5), New Zealand Labour (3), Green Party (1), ACT New Zealand (1), and Māori Party (1). Once the membership is confirmed, the committee can meet to elect a chairperson and commence its consideration of the bill, including deciding whether to invite submissions on the bill and set a closing date for those submissions. All calls for submissions are published on this website, at