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Green Party logo.

6 October 2014
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The Green Party of Aotearoa / New Zealand (Green Party) is an opposition party. The Green Party has 14 members of Parliament all elected from the party list.

Green Party in Parliament

The Greens, The Green Party of Aotearoa / New Zealand, first registered with the Electoral Commission in August 1995 and entered Parliament in 1995. The party has not been in Government.

The party is led by co-leaders, Metiria Turei and James Shaw.

Green Party vision

‘In our Vision, Aotearoa New Zealand is a place where people respect each other and the natural world we share. It is healthy, peaceful and richly diverse.

We know our different histories and we are secure in our identity. Our way of living honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Our children, our elders, our families and our communities are at the centre of national life. Each person's unique contribution is valued. Participation, justice and quality of life for all are valued over individual attainment of wealth.

Our economic system enables people to meet their needs from the bounty of the earth, within nature's limits. Indigenous ecosystems are restored and replenished.

Life in our country is a celebration of diversity and creativity. All are able to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect our own and future generations. We recognise the rights and interests of those who cannot speak for themselves.

These islands shine in the world for a tradition of ecological living, fair trade, human rights and peace.’

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