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Office of the Clerk
22 January 2013

Organisational Performance and Public Information group

The Organisational Performance and Public Information group is led by the Clerk-Assistant (Organisational Performance and Public Information).

Public Information and Chamber Operations team

The contracts for the broadcasting of Parliament on Radio New Zealand and for radio programmes summarising the business of Parliament are administered by this team. It also manages the contracts for the production of television coverage and the broadcasting of Parliament TV on TVNZ’s FreeView22.

It also has responsibility for the management of Parliament’s website at

Organisational Performance team

The Organisational Performance team provides administrative, facilities, financial, human resource support, and planning services to the Office. Payroll and accounts payable processing is outsourced to the Parliamentary Service.

Information Services team

The Information services team manages and supports the Office’s computing infrastructure, and its line-of-business applications required to support the Office’s functions as a major publisher, broadcaster and as custodian of the parliamentary record.