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Questions for oral answer

This page lists questions presented to Ministers and members for oral answer. Twelve questions for oral answer are presented to Ministers most sitting days. Additional questions may be asked of members, usually the chairs of select committees. Occasionally, an urgent question may be asked.

The uncorrected transcript of each question and answer, including supplementary questions and answers, is added throughout the afternoon, as it becomes available. Questions may be added out of sequence. Questions containing te reo Māori will not be added until their transcription and translation have been completed.

The aim is to add all questions by about 5.30 p.m. Until that point, each question is subject to amendment without notice.

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Questions for oral answer 1 to 20 of 99

Title Date

List of questions for oral answer

6 November 2014

06 Nov 14

1. Job Creation—Reports

DAVID BENNETT (National—Hamilton East) to the Minister for Economic Development

06 Nov 14

2. Building and Housing, Minister—Statements on National Construction Pipeline Report

PHIL TWYFORD (Labour—Te Atatū) to the Minister for Building and Housing

06 Nov 14

3. Electricity—Generation from Renewable Resources

GARETH HUGHES (Green) to the Minister of Energy and Resources

06 Nov 14

4. Conservation, Minister—Statements

RICHARD PROSSER (NZ First) to the Minister of Conservation

06 Nov 14

5. Schools—KickStart Breakfast Programme

TODD BARCLAY (National—Clutha-Southland) to the Minister for Social Development

06 Nov 14

6. Islamic State Conflict—Prime Minister’s Statement

Hon PHIL GOFF (Labour—Mt Roskill) to the Prime Minister

06 Nov 14

7. Financial Markets—Announcements

BRETT HUDSON (National) to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

06 Nov 14

8. Islamic State Conflict—Prime Minister’s Statements

Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM (Green) to the Prime Minister

06 Nov 14

9. Pacific Peoples, Minister—Statements

Su’a WILLIAM SIO (Labour—Māngere) to the Minister for Pacific Peoples

06 Nov 14

10. Cricket World Cup—Government Support

SARAH DOWIE (National—Invercargill) to the Minister for Sport and Recreation

06 Nov 14

11. Māori Development, Minister—Statements

RINO TIRIKATENE (Labour—Te Tai Tonga) to the Minister for Māori Development

06 Nov 14

12. Dairy Products, Whey Protein—Contamination Incident and Government Inquiry Recommendations

JONO NAYLOR (National) to the Minister for Food Safety

06 Nov 14

1. Prime Minister—Statements

Hon ANNETTE KING (Acting Deputy Leader—Labour) to the Prime Minister

05 Nov 14

2. Prime Minister—Statements

METIRIA TUREI (Co-Leader—Green) to the Prime Minister

05 Nov 14

3. Economic Growth—Reports

DAVID BENNETT (National — Hamilton East) on behalf of ALASTAIR SCOTT (National—Wairarapa) to the Minister of Finance

05 Nov 14

4. Export Sector—Performance

Dr DAVID CLARK (Labour—Dunedin North) to the Minister of Finance

05 Nov 14

5. Government Policy—Development

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS (Leader—NZ First) to the Prime Minister

05 Nov 14

6. Medicines—Access

BARBARA KURIGER (National—Taranaki - King Country) to the Minister of Health

05 Nov 14

7. Social Housing—Commentary and Initiatives

PHIL TWYFORD (Labour—Te Atatū) to the Minister for Social Housing

05 Nov 14