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House of Representatives
5 April 2012
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11. Christchurch, Recovery—Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Initiatives

[Sitting date: 05 April 2012. Volume:679;Page:1738. Text is incorporated into the Bound Volume.]

11. NICKY WAGNER (National—Christchurch Central) to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What initiatives has the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority implemented to help support Christchurch’s Recovery?

Hon PHIL HEATLEY (Minister of Energy and Resources) : The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has given a greater weighting to Christchurch applications for the authority’s business grant funding, managed the initial phase of the chimney replacement programme, and worked with the Canterbury sustainable homes working party to facilitate energy-efficiency improvements during house repairs and construction.

Nicky Wagner: What is an example of an initiative to help improve the energy efficiency of homes as they are being repaired?

Hon PHIL HEATLEY: I am pleased to tell the House that the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has contributed $150,000 to a joint project led by Beacon Pathways that will demonstrate opportunities to improve energy efficiency in homes at a marginal cost during the repair process. It is currently repairing 10 to 15 example quake-damaged homes to a better energy-efficiency standard than the like-for-like repair provided by the Earthquake Commission or insurers. We are hoping people will follow that example.