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House of Representatives
27 February 2003
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Business Statement


Business Statement

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN (Leader of the House) : Next week in the House it is the Government’s intention to complete the passing of the Government Superannuation Fund Amendment Bill (No 2), the second reading of the Government Communications Security Bureau Bill, and the second reading of the War Pensions Amendment Bill (No 2). The Government also intends to make progress on the Taxation (Annual Rates, Maori Organisations, Taxpayer Compliance and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill and the Racing Bill. Wednesday is a members’ day.

GERRY BROWNLEE (NZ National—Ilam) : I thank the Leader of the House for that indication of what we will be doing next week. I just ask him how soon he thinks the Responsible Gambling Bill, which is at No. 25 on the Order Paper, might come before the House, noting that public interest in that bill is growing. I also ask him, given that the Order Paper is now so very long, whether he expects that the next session of the Parliament will have a number of urgent sessions.

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN (Leader of the House) : On the latter point, I will be discussing that with my friends in the House. [Interruption] Then I shall be informing my enemies of the result of those discussions. On the Responsible Gambling Bill, we have not set down a firm date at this point.

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS (Leader—NZ First) : I ask the Leader of the House what the Government’s intentions are in respect of the passage of the Māori Television Service Bill, which has been long-time promised, but on which there seems to be no progress whatsoever.

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN (Leader of the House) : It is the Government’s intention to pass the bill. Of course, I would be only too willing to accept any offers of support from New Zealand First to accelerate that passage by means of urgency or other mechanisms.

RON MARK (NZ First) : I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I seek clarification from the Leader of the House in relation to the Police Amendment Bill (No 2), which I see is still languishing at No. 32 on the Order Paper.

Mr SPEAKER: No, that is not provided for.