New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill

This bill established a process for the holding of two postal referendums on the New Zealand Flag. The first will determine which alternative flag design is preferred by voters, and the second will determine whether that alternative flag or the current flag is to be the New Zealand Flag.
Member in charge: Hon Bill English
Type of bill: Government
Parliament: 51
Bill no: 8-2
Introduction: 9/3/15
First reading: 12/3/15
Referred to: Justice and Electoral Committee
Submissions due: 23/4/15
SC report(s): 29/06/15
Second reading: 28/7/15
Supplementary Order Paper(s): 102
Committee of the whole House: 29/7/15
Third reading: 13/8/15
Royal assent: 14/8/15
Act: New Zealand Flag Referendums Act 2015 (15/66)