Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill

This bill amends the Human Tissue Act 1964 to establish a register on which people can register their legally-binding wish to be an organ donor or state their objection to being an organ donor; provide for public information campaigns encouraging registration as a donor; provide a means of transferring existing donor information on the LTSA database to the register; and provide a mechanism for specifying organs for donation, or the use to which organs may be put, and provide that the wishes of those on the register cannot be over-ridden.
Member in charge: Dr Jackie Blue
Type of bill: Member's
Parliament: 48
Bill no: 33-1
Introduction: 22/3/06
First reading: 3/5/06
Referred to: Health Committee
Submissions due: 14/7/06
SC report(s): 28/9/07
Second reading: Second reading negatived (7/11/07)