Reserve Bank of New Zealand Amendment Bill

This omnibus bill amends the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 to implement the Government's response to the recommendations of the Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision, and amend the Racing Act 2003 to esnure the New Zealand Racing Board remains able to facilitate racing and sports betting in compliance with the law after the Reserve Bank has called in the 5 cent coin, which will cease to be legal tender from 1 November 2006.
Member in charge: Hon Dr Michael Cullen
Type of bill: Government
Parliament: 48
Bill no: 63-3
Introduction: 27/6/06
First reading: 19/7/06
Referred to: Finance and Expenditure Committee
Submissions due: 18/8/06
SC report(s): 3/10/06
Second reading: 19/10/06
Committee of the whole House: 24/10/06
Divided by committee of the whole House -- see Schedule of divided bills
Third reading: 25/10/06
Royal assent: 30/10/06
Act: Reserve Bank of New Zealand Amendment Act 2006 (06/51)