Crimes (Repeal of Seditious Offences) Amendment Bill

This bill implements the recommendations of the Law Commission contained in the report following the Commission's review of sections 81 to 85 of the Crimes Act 1961 relating to seditious offences.
Member in charge: Hon Mark Burton
Type of bill: Government
Parliament: 48
Bill no: 120-1
Introduction: 8/6/07
First reading: 19/6/07
Referred to: Justice and Electoral Committee
Submissions due: 17/7/07
SC report(s): 24/8/07
Second reading: 18/10/07
Committee of the whole House: 23/10/07
Third reading: 24/10/07
Royal assent: 30/10/07
Act: Crimes (Repeal of Seditious Offences) Amendment Act 2007 (07/96)