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14 July 2011
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Digest No. 1900

Military Manoeuvres Act Repeal Bill 2010 (2010 No 173-2) (Member’s Bill)

Date of Introduction: 17 June 2010
Member: Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
Select Committee: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
Date report presented: 29 October 2010
Published: 12 July 2011byJohn McSoriley BA LL.B, Barrister,Legislative AnalystP: (04) 817-9626 (Ext. 9626)F: (04) 817-1250Public enquiries:Parliamentary Information Service: (04 817-9647) Caution: This Digest was prepared to assist consideration of the Bill by members of Parliament. It has no official status.Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it should not be taken as a complete or authoritative guide to the Bill. Other sources should be consulted to determine the subsequent official status of the Bill.


The aim of the Bill is to repeal the Military Manoeuvres Act 1915.

The Military Manoeuvres Act 1915 was enacted to deal with mobilisation for the First World War. It enabled the Governor-General, by proclamation, to declare any land available for a period specified for military manoeuvres.

The Select Committee, in recommending that the Bill be passed (with some amendments as described below), stated: “As far as the New Zealand Defence Force has been able to ascertain, the Act has not been used for the last 30 years. We understand that no proclamations are in force, and there are no outstanding claims relating to past proclamations or military manoeuvres. Given these facts we believe that the repeal of the [Act] would not disadvantage the New Zealand Defence Force” [1]   .

Main changes


The bar-2 Bill deletes the “purpose” clause as the Select Committee considers it redundant (deleting Clause 3).

Not to bind the Crown

The bar-2 Bill deletes the clause binding the Crown as the Select Committee considers the resulting Act would be spent immediately it is passed (i.e. the Act would be repealed) and therefore the clause binding the Crown is also redundant (deleting Clause 4).

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  1. Military Manoeuvres Act Repeal Bill, 2010 No 173-2, As reported from the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, Commentary, p. 1.   [back]