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Title Closing date

Inquiry into Parliament's legislative response to future national emergencies

The inquiry will examine the most appropriate legislative model for enabling and facilitating response to and recovery from national emergencies once a state of emergency has been lifted.

01 Jun 15

Taxation (Annual Rates for 2015-16, Research and Development, and Remedial Matters) Bill

This omnibus bill would set the annual tax rates for 2015-16, and amend a number of Acts, with the aim of improving current tax settings within a broad-base, low cost framework.

30 Apr 15

International treaty examination of the Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the Republic of Korea

Public submissions are now being invited on this international treaty.

24 Apr 15

New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill

This bill establishes a process for the holding of two postal referendums on the New Zealand Flag.

23 Apr 15

Drug and Alcohol Testing of Community-based Offenders and Bailees Legislation Bill

The bill enables Corrections and the NZ Police to require community-based offenders and bailees, if they are subject to conditions prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol, to undergo drug and alcohol testing to ensure compliance.

23 Apr 15

Radiation Safety Bill

The bill replaces the Radiation Safety Bill and provides a legislative framework for radiation safety that responds to the range of technological, scientific, and organisational changes that have occurred over the last five decades.

22 Apr 15

Question of privilege regarding use of social media to report on parliamentary proceedings

Public submissions are now being invited on this question of privilege.The full terms of reference can be found by clicking the link above.

10 Apr 15