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New Zealand Parliament

Title page of the guide Petitioning the House of Representatives.

The updated guide Petitioning the House of Representatives. Photo: Office of the Clerk

13 October 2010
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Petitioning the House of Representatives

An updated version of the guide Petitioning the House of Representatives is now available on the parliamentary website and in hard copy.

The guide is designed to assist those who are preparing a petition for presentation to the House of Representatives. It explains the process of having a petition presented and what happens to the petition after presentation.

New Zealand’s system of parliamentary democracy provides for citizens to request the House of Representatives to take a clearly defined action on a matter of public policy or law, or to redress a local or private grievance. Anyone of any age may petition the House of Representatives, including corporations or unincorporated bodies having sufficient identity as organisations.

However, petitioning the House of Representatives should be the last course of action and should occur only after other lawful avenues of redressing a grievance have been investigated and exhausted.

Signature sheets, which can be used for collecting signatures, are included at the back of the guide. See the related documents panel of this web page for a pdf version of this guide.