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New Zealand Parliament

Speaker’s chair and the mace.

Speaker’s chair and the mace. Photo: Office of the Clerk.

28 November 2011
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New members’ introduction to Parliament

New members coming into Parliament need to familiarise themselves with their different working environment quickly.

Officials from the Parliamentary Service and the Office of the Clerk work closely with new members and run an induction programme, like most work places. Unlike most work places this includes learning about the legislative process, the rules of the House of Representatives and the select committee process.

Some of the key documents for new members are: the Standing Orders or rules of the House; Speakers’ Rulings that are the interpretation of the rules of the House by successive Speakers of the House; and the Speaker’s Directions that frame how members’ entitlements to funding and services are administered.

Officials also provide briefing sessions for members throughout the life of the Parliament on matters such as the Estimates process which follows the release of the Budget. Both the induction and subsequent briefing sessions are closed to the media and the public.

At the same time as providing the induction programme, the Parliamentary Service works with all members to allocate offices within the parliamentary precincts and to assist members in setting up their out-of-parliament offices.