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Ingoa Te rā

Centenary of NZ's occupation of Samoa

One hundred years ago today the taking of German (Western) Samoa was New Zealand’s first military operation of the First World War. For many years following the war the German flag and the Union Jack which replaced it were displayed in the Parliamentary Library. They are again on display, in Parliament House, as part of the WW100 commemorations.

29 Aug 14

Monthly art tours at Parliament

Regular public art tours are now available. They will visit the Bowen House Exhibition Space and other areas across Parliament, viewing a variety of historical and contemporary art from the Parliamentary Collection. High Tea will also be available on 26 September.

26 Aug 14

Voting age reduced to 18 years in 1974

Pressure to reduce the voting age mounted during the 1960s. The voting age had remained at 21 since New Zealanders voted for their first MPs in the mid-1800s.

22 Aug 14

Writ Day

Today the Governor-General issued the writ, which is the formal direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the 2014 general election. It officially sets the date for the election to be held, the closing date for candidate nominations and the latest date for the return of the writ with the final election results. It is issued within seven days of the dissolution of the previous Parliament.

20 Aug 14

Consultation on revision programme to improve readability of Acts of Parliament

The House has adopted a new procedure to make it easier for revision bills to be passed. Revision bills are special bills that make Acts clearer without changing their meaning. Over time they will systematically improve New Zealand’s statute book.

18 Aug 14

Unfinished business of the 50th Parliament

The 50th Parliament was dissolved at a ceremony on 14 August 2014. All unfinished business still before the House at that time has now lapsed.

15 Aug 14

Next steps following dissolution of 50th Parliament

The 50th Parliament was brought to an end at 11 a.m. on Thursday, 14 August 2014, when a proclamation was read on the steps of Parliament House. This was the first step towards the holding of the general election on Saturday, 20 September 2014.

14 Aug 14

Watch the dissolution of Parliament

A proclamation dissolving Parliament will be read at 11 a.m. on Thursday, 14 August 2014. This will take place on the steps of Parliament House. Everyone is welcome to attend.

13 Aug 14

Impact of the general election

The House sat for the last time in the 50th Parliament on 31 July and will not sit again until after the general election on 20 September. After the election, information about members and parties will be progressively updated on the website as it becomes available.

12 Aug 14

Planning for opening of 51st Parliament

The 50th Parliament may have only just adjourned, with the formal ending still to happen on 14 August, but plans are already well underway for the opening of the 51st Parliament. This takes place over two days, incorporating tradition and tikanga as well as the formal processes for installing a new House of Representatives.

07 Aug 14

New Zealand at war announced on steps of Parliament in 1914

At 1 p.m. on 5 August 1914, on the steps of the Parliamentary Library, Governor Lord Liverpool read the telegram advising that Britain, and thus New Zealand, was at war with Germany. Around 15,000 people were there to hear the announcement. Great patriotic enthusiasm followed, with thousands marching through the streets of Wellington that evening.

04 Aug 14

House sits for last time before election

Thursday’s sitting of the House was the last of the 50th Parliament. The final item of business was the adjournment debate. The Speaker of the House, the Rt Hon David Carter, gave the last speech, and in it he mentioned some statistics relating to the 50th Parliament.

01 Aug 14

Disclosure of expenses claimed by members of Parliament

Expenses claimed by members of Parliament for the 3 months from 1 April to 30 June 2014 have been released.

31 Jul 14

Review of Standing Orders

The Standing Orders Committee report on the Review of Standing Orders will be debated this Thursday morning, when the House will be in extended hours. Each parliamentary term the Standing Orders, procedures, and practices of the House are reviewed to ensure the House and its committees continue to operate effectively, and Parliament remains relevant.

29 Jul 14

What’s happening in the House this week?

Business planned for the House of Representatives this week includes progress on the Appropriation (2014/15 Estimates) Bill, the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 3) and the Veterans’ Support Bill.

28 Jul 14

Te Komiti Whiriwhiri Take Māori

He komiti whakatau take e pā ana ki te iwi Māori te Komiti Whiriwhiri Take Māori. He huhua ngā whakataunga mō Te Tiriti o Waitangi kua whakaurua inā noa nei ki āna mahi, tae atu ki ngā pakirehua take, he pānga ake ōna ki te iwi Māori pērā i te whakahaere tupeka, me te oranga o ngā tamariki Māori.

25 Jul 14

Ngā rauemi whakaakoranga i Te Reo Māori mō te Pāremata

Kei te wātea ngā rauemi reorua hōu i nāianei mō te Pāremata i runga i tēnei paetukutuku hei tautoko ākonga, hei tautoko māhita nō ngā akomanga kura me ngā akomanga rumaki Māori. Kei roto i ngā rauemi ako o Tō Tātou Whare he aratohu (reorua) mā ngā māhita, ā, me ngā kāri kaupapa e ono kua tuhia ki roto i Te Reo Māori.

24 Jul 14

Performance Improvement Framework reviews of Office of the Clerk and Parliamentary Service

The Speaker, Rt Hon David Carter, welcomes the findings of the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) reviews of the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives and the Parliamentary Service.

23 Jul 14

Three reports on parliamentary privilege to be debated this week

This week the House of Representatives expects to debate the second reading of the Parliamentary Privilege Bill and two recent reports on specific questions of privilege.

22 Jul 14

What’s happening in the House this week?

Business planned for the House of Representatives this week includes progress on: the Land Transport Amendment Bill; the Accounting Infrastructure Reform Bill; and the Māori Language (Te Reo Māori) Bill.

21 Jul 14