Te Hansard me ngā Hautaka

Te Hansard (ngā tautohetohe)

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House of Representatives
29 March 2012
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Business Statement


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mr Speaker took the Chair at 2 p.m.


Business Statement

Hon ANNE TOLLEY (Deputy Leader of the House) : When the House resumes on Tuesday, 3 April the Government will look to progress a number of bills on the Order Paper, including the first reading of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Amendment Bill and the Committee stage of the Appropriation (2010/11 Financial Review) Bill. Wednesday, of course, is a members’ day.

Hon TREVOR MALLARD (Labour—Hutt South) : Can I ask the Deputy Leader of the House whether it is the Government’s intention to table next week the delegations resulting from the resignation of Nick Smith, or whether it will wait until the inquiries into Judith Collins are completed before they do that.

Hon ANNE TOLLEY (Deputy Leader of the House) : The member well knows that that is entirely at the discretion of the Prime Minister.