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Rotorua Library Trust Fund Variation Bill

The Rotorua District Council currently has vested in it an endowment which enables it to apply the income for certain specified purposes associated with the Rotorua Public Library. This bill enables not only the income, but also the capital of the endowment to be applied for the general purposes of the library.
Member in charge: Hon Steve Chadwick
Type of bill: Local
Parliament: 48
Bill no: 54-1
Introduction: 7/6/06
First reading: 28/6/06
Referred to: Government Administration Committee
Submissions due: 10/8/06
SC report(s): 11/10/06
Second reading: 8/11/06
Third reading: 8/11/06
Royal assent: 13/11/06
Act: Rotorua Library Trust Fund Variation Act 2006 (06/2)