New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Who we are

David Wilson, Clerk of the House, receiving warrant from the Speaker Rt Hon David Carter 7 May 2015. Enlarge image

David Wilson, Clerk of the House, receiving warrant from the Speaker Rt Hon David Carter 7 May 2015.

Source: Office of the Clerk

David Wilson is the current Clerk of the House of Representatives.  The Clerk is the chief executive of the Office of the Clerk and is responsible to the Speaker for the management of the Office.

The Clerk is supported by a senior management team that leads a staff of 100 and has three business groups:

  • House Services group
  • Select Committees and Corporate
  • Parliamentary Engagement (combined team with the Parliamentary Service)




Senior leadership team

The Clerk of the House  David Wilson
Deputy Clerk Suze Jones
Clerk-Assistant James Picker

Contact points in the Office of the Clerk

Provides specialist parliamentary procedure and legal advice, and secretariat services to the House and its committees.

Clerk's office   The Clerk of the House and the Deputy Clerk
All high-level issues relating to the Office and the procedures of the House
  T: (04) 817 9445
    Private Bag 18041 Parliament Buildings Wellington 6160
House Office   The House Office team includes the Bills Office and the Table Office
Table Office       The Order Paper, progress of legislation, petitions, notices of motion, written questions, and assistance in drafting amendments to bills (SOPs)
  T: (04) 817 6711
Bills Office   Copies of bills and papers
  T: (04) 817 9344
Hansard   Official record of debates and speeches
  T: (04) 817 9585
Ngā Rātonga Reo Māori   Interpretation and translation services
  T: (04) 817 6610
Business Continuity and Chamber Operations   Broadcasting of Parliament TV, chamber attendants and Serjeant-at-Arms
  T: (04) 817 9703
Parliamentary Law and Practice   Policy and legal services
  T: (04) 817 6877
Inter-Parliamentary Relations   Inter-Parliamentary Relations, official passports, Parliamentary Friendship Groups, and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and Inter-Parliamentary Union memberships
  T: (04) 817 9478
  F: (04) 817 6422
Select Committee Services   General inquiries and contacts for committee clerks for inquiries regarding select committee procedures and the business of particular select committees
  T: (04) 817 9520
  F: (04) 472 6160
Parliamentary Engagement   Engagement, education, website, communications
  T: (04) 817 9558
Corporate Services   Finance, human resources, information services, records management, planning, and general administration
  T: (04) 817 8684