New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

Connect and reach out

Published date: 27 Feb 2020

Parliament has a number of communications and engagement channels available and they need to be used more often and effectively by both Parliament and the public. While Wellingtonians have a greater rate of engagement with Parliament, it is important for Parliament and members to reach out to the public, wherever they are, so that a strong connection is built and to change the perception that Parliament is too far away or not relevant to their lives.

Members of Parliament run a BBQ at a university, serving sausages to students. Enlarge image

Members of Parliament run a BBQ at a university as part of the Speaker's Outreach Programme.

Source: Office of the Clerk


  1. Speaker and members’ outreach programme established. Taking Parliament to the people with visits to communities each year. This maximises on MPs connections.
  2. Select committees meet outside of Wellington more often, and make time to meet with community groups as part of their meetings. They are well supported and provided with resources to promote Parliament.
  3. Face-to-face communities created from virtual ones through social media. Use the power of social media to reach those communities and visit them.
  4. Maximise the use of all communications channels, in particular radio and PTV.
  5. Establish Parliament champions in different communities and work with them to connect with specific audiences in the most effective way.