What we do

The Parliamentary Service provides a range of professional administrative and support services to members of Parliament and the House of Representatives. We administer, in accordance with directions given by the Speaker, the payment of funding entitlements for parliamentary purposes. We are also responsible for the management of the Crown’s heritage buildings within the parliamentary precinct.

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose is “to serve New Zealand’s Parliament”, and our vision is that, by 2020, we are “recognised for excellence and innovation.”

This underpins our strategic direction and our desire to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of our service delivery, placing the needs of our customers across the parliamentary precinct at the heart of what we do.

Our strategic outcomes

We have two strategic outcomes:

  • The House of Representatives and members receive high quality services.

  • An accessible Parliament.

We use six foundation themes that will help us achieve our strategic outcomes.

  • We grow and develop our people.

  • Technology is a key enabler.

  • We are customer centric.

  • We will provide excellent shared services.

  • The workplace is ‘fit-for-purpose”.

  • We work as a parliamentary sector (in conjunction with the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives).

By aligning our work activities under these themes, we are striving to make the Service the best it can be and help us reach our vision of being “recognised for excellence and innovation.”