Parliamentary Service

The Parliamentary Service provides administrative and support services to members of Parliament, and administers members' funding entitlements.

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Staff from Parliamentary Service. Parliamentary Service 2015 Enlarge image

Staff from the Parliamentary Service.

Source: Parliamentary Service.

These services include providing members with:

  • support staff in their offices
  • assistance with travel arrangements
  • policy advice
  • accounting services
  • research information services
  • security services
  • information and communications technology support
  • catering services.
Parliamentary Service Crest. Enlarge image

The crest of the Parliamentary Service.

Source: Parliamentary Service.

The Parliamentary Service is also responsible for looking after the buildings and grounds of the parliamentary precinct.

Due to the nature of the organisation, Parliamentary Service staff must uphold the highest standards of integrity and trust. We take pride in the fact that we assist members of Parliament to carry out their roles. Roles throughout the Service are varied (see Who we are), but every role contributes in some way to our strategic objectives.

As well as displaying high levels of integrity, the Service looks for people with political acumen, exceptional customer service skills and an ability to work collaboratively.

The Parliamentary Service, established in 1985, is headed by the General Manager, a non-political role accountable to the Speaker for the running of the Service. The Parliamentary Service is the largest of the agencies housed in the parliamentary complex. The Service employs approximately 460 staff as well as another 260 people employed as out-of-Parliament staff in the regions.