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Where do I find the transcripts for answers to oral questions?

The transcripts for answers to oral questions, also known as Question Time, can be found in the Hansard section of the Parliament website. 

The transcripts for each day have unique links and so the best way to locate this information is by going to the Read Hansard reports page.

The Read Hansard reports page automatically shows the most recent sitting day's content and updates as new content has been published. Answers to oral questions are generally published within two hours of the end of question time.

This content was previously on the parliament website within the order paper and questions area. In the renovated website, it has been shifted into the context of the rest of the day's debates in the Hansard section of the website.

Here's a guide to how the information is arranged in Hansard:

Hansard webpage detail Enlarge image

Source: New Zealand Parliament website

  • If you select the sitting date, you'll get a transcript of the full day's proceedings
  • If you select the + next to the date, you'll see the available debates for that sitting day. You can then click on any debate heading to see only the transcript for that specific debate. This means that if you select the Oral Questions heading, then the oral questions (and their answers) will be displayed.
  • If you select the + next to the debate heading, you'll see the individual speeches that make up the debate. This is another way to see oral questions and their answers.

You can set up an alert for this content

If you would like to be automatically notified when the answers are published you can set up an Alert.

For more information, see our Alerts help page.