This week in Parliament: 19 to 23 September 2016

This week sees the House extend its Wednesday and Thursday sittings to progress the following Treaty claims settlement bills:

The House will sit on Thursday and Friday mornings to consider these bills. 

The Government is also aiming to complete the first reading of the Statutes Repeal Bill, the third reading of the Evidence Amendment Bill, and progress a number of other bills on the Order Paper. 

Green Party list member, Kevin Hague will make his valedictory statement at 5.45pm on Tuesday.

Order Paper

The first three or four Government orders of the day will be what the House debates each day. You can find these on the latest Order Paper, although the order of business can change until the final Order Paper is published at 10:30am on the sitting day.

Member’s day

After question time on Wednesday, 21 May, the House will consider bills put forward by MPs who are not ministers, as well as local and private bills. In recent years, both marriage equality and the “mondayisation” of the Waitangi Day and the Anzac Day public holidays have been achieved by the House passing members’ bills.

Guests of Parliament

This week the Speaker will host delegations from Kuwait and the Parliament of India. These groups will be introduced to the House. There are two types of introduction to the House; the standard introduction of a delegation seated in the Speakers Gallery and an introduction for a distinguished guest sitting to the left of the Speaker's Chair. Introductions take place immediately after the Prayer at the opening of each sitting day.

Mrs Sumitra Mahajan, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Parliament of India, will be introduced to the House on Tuesday, 20 September and accorded a seat to the left of the Speaker.

Select committees

There is a full programme of select committee meetings in Parliament this week. Some of the public hearings taking place this week include:

 For details of times and subjects, see the select committee schedule.

For more information about what’s happening in Parliament