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Mock bills from past Youth Parliaments

Have a look at some of the mock bills that were debated in previous Youth Parliaments.

Youth MP's in a Select Committee room Enlarge image

Youth MPs during a select committee meeting at Youth Parliament 2016.

Source: Office of the Clerk


Accessible Web Pages and Apps Bill

This Bill is intended to improve accessibility of digital technologies, including the internet, social media and applications (apps) for people with disabilities. Technology now plays an important role in the lives of most New Zealanders and there are equity and human rights considerations to improving access to publicly available information, services and commercial ventures.


Electoral Law Reform Bill

This Bill is an omnibus Bill that proposes to amend the Constitution Act 1986 and the Electoral Act 1993. The purpose of this Bill is to make a number of changes aimed at modernising the electoral system to increase voter participation, particularly of young people, in the electoral process.


Adult Rights and Responsibilities (Age of Majority) Bill

This Bill is an omnibus Bill. It amends 2 Acts.  The purpose of the amendments is to clarify existing legislation and to establish legislative markers for the future when reviewing age-based legislation and policy.

The 2 Acts are­:

  • the Age of Majority Act 1970. The amendment to this Act decreases the age at which  a person attains full age from 20 to 18 years; and
  • the Human Rights Act 1993. The amendment to this Act removes the age specificity of 16 years of age or older attached to the prohibition against age-based discrimination.

This Bill also establishes a process for biennial age-related legislative, regulatory, and policy reviews by the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Youth Affairs.