National Party

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The New Zealand National Party (National Party) is the largest partner in the National-led Government. The party has 59 members of Parliament.

New Zealand National Party in Parliament

The New Zealand National Party was established in 1936 from the Reform-United Coalition. The party first entered Parliament that same year.  The party has been in five Governments: 1949–1957, 1960–1972, 1975–1984, 1990–1999, and 2008-

The National Party has 59 members of Parliament — 40 representing general electorates and 19 elected from the party list.

The party leader is the Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister and member for Helensville.

In 2014 the National Party made the following agreements with other parliamentary parties:

  • a Confidence and Supply Agreement with ACT
  • a Relationship Accord and Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Maori Party
  • a Confidence and Supply Agreement with United Future

National Party message

‘The National Party seeks a safe, prosperous, and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams.

We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:

  • Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles, and our Sovereign as Head of State
  • National and personal security
  • Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
  • Individual freedom and choice
  • Personal responsibility
  • Competitive enterprise and reward for achievement
  • Limited government
  • Strong families and caring communities
  • Sustainable development of our environment’

Source: National Party,, accessed 10 September 2014.