United Future Party

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United Future New Zealand (United Future) has one Member of Parliament.

United Future in Parliament

United Future formed in 2000 after a merger of Future New Zealand (formerly the Christian Democrats) and the United Party. The party registered with the Electoral Commission in December 2001 and first entered Parliament that same year.

The party is currently represented in Parliament by one member, the Hon Peter Dunne, who is the member for Ōhāriu.

On 29 September 2014 United Future entered into a Confidence and Supply Agreement with the National Party for the 51st Parliament. The agreement provides that Mr Dunne will be a Minister outside of Cabinet holding several portfolios.

United Future also had similar agreements with the National-led government in the 49th and 50th Parliaments. United Future previously had a confidence and supply agreement with the Labour-Progressive Coalition Government from 2005-2008.

United Future mission and vision

‘The Party's mission shall be:

  • to be a broad-based New Zealand political party; and
  • to achieve political and social change based on the Party's values and principles set out in clause 4 and the specific policies that arise from those values and principles.

‘The Party is united in seeking to create a better New Zealand for future generations. United Future assesses political policies by their effect on future generations and believes that the key to improving the long-term future for all diverse communities within New Zealand are policies that help families form a solid basis for our society.’

Source: United Future party, http://www.unitedfuture.org.nz/about-us accessed 10 September 2014.