New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa

For the Record: an exhibition of 150 years of Hansard

This exhibition brings together various interesting Hansard-related artefacts and memorabilia – including the kinds of typewriter used, the old chairs used by reporters in the Chamber, and the box into which MPs would drop their corrected drafts.

There’s a series of Hansard staff photos through the ages and a number of cartoons provide a humorous illustration of Hansard’s role and occasional controversies, including the 150th anniversary cartoon ‘His Masters Voice’, by Jim Hubbard.

The eye-catching colourful quotes from history are Words that Shape our Nation – a specially designed exhibit that brings to life the pages of Hansard.

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    Through the years, politics has been the bread and butter of cartoonists. Politicians and their antics provide a fertile field for the butt of cartoonists’ humour. This gallery gives you a glimpse into the history of Hansard and its political context.

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    'Words that Shape a Nation'

    This gallery is made up of a collection of colourful artwork using quotes from Hansard. They bring to life some of the most poignant moments in New Zealand’s parliamentary history. These powerful speeches were selected for their wide ranging topics, which impact the lives of millions of New Zealanders.

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    Hansard Staff

    They sit silently in the chamber, work furiously into the night, and are dedicated to upholding an accurate record. This gallery gives you a glimpse into the changing face of Hansard, with select staff photos from its foundation to now.

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    Recorders, drop boxes and typewriters - Hansard has amassed some incredible items of memorabilia after 150 years. This gallery exhibits a few of the gems that have been tucked away around Parliament Buildings.