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Happy anniversary Hansard

Published date: 1 Jun 2017

Hansard is more than just a fact checker. It is one of the longest running narratives in New Zealand’s history and presents the raw and often passionate opinions of political representatives from era to era. Its format is that of a dialog or script. No wonder then that playwrights, journalists and cartoonists have found it such a source of inspiration for their work.

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Source: Office of the Clerk

Whether you have an existing interest in Hansard's practical aspects or perhaps you are curious to look into the vaults of history, we are putting on a celebration to acknowledge and celebrate 150 years of Hansard at Parliament.

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Source: Office of the Clerk

Hansard is about openness

Come and see some of Hansard’s best bits. We’re putting together a public exhibition of political cartoons, memorabilia and examples of some of the most poignant and pertinent speeches from history. You can even have a go at being a Hansard editor.

Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3 -31 July 2017, Parliament Exhibition Space, Bowen House.

Hansard is about truth

"An era of alternative facts threatens the truth of the written record." Or does it? That’s the moot up for discussion by two teams of Journalists and MPs at a public debate on Wednesday 26th July. Entry is free but ticketed so you will need to get in early as space is at a premium.

Wednesday 26 July 2017 from 5:15pm – 7.30pm, The Beehive, Parliament (more details to come!).

Register your interest attend  by sending your full name, email and telephone number to

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Hansard is a record of your Parliament

Democracy works best when you’re involved. Have you ever started a petition? Or made a submission to a Select Committee? If there is something you feel strongly about, you could be the first step in creating laws that start, stop, protect or improve something you care about.

How to start a petition
How to make a submission
Contact your MP

Hansard is our history

If you're interested in finding out more about Hansard, its origins, who writes it and why we need it, you can read all about Hansard in our series of online articles.

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A tour group in the Chamber.

Source: Parliamentary Service.

Hansard is accessible

Whether you want to see what was said in a recent debate or look up a critical piece of history, you can read all about it – either online or at Parliament – Hansard belongs to you.

Read Hansard reports.

See where Hansard happens

Visit the home of Hansard and see where and how their work is done by booking a tour of the Parliament buildings.

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