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Business Committee Determinations

The Business Committee makes decisions about many aspects of proceedings of the House and its committees. Towards the end of each year it recommends to the House a sitting programme for the following year. It can determine the order of business to be transacted in the House, the time to be spent on any particular item of business in the House, how time spent on a particular item of business will be allocated among the parties represented in the House, and the speaking time of individual members on an item of business. It can determine extended sitting hours and whether legislation may proceed through the House as cognate bills or as an omnibus bill. The nature of committee of the whole House consideration of a bill may be determined by the Business Committee. It also decides the size and membership of select committees.

This section lists all determinations of the Business Committee from the 49th Parliament onwards.

See the Business Committee homepage for the business of the 52nd Parliament.

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  1. Determinations of the Business Committee for Friday, 17 April 2020
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    Date: 17 April 2020