How to make a submission

If you have something to say about a bill or other item before a select committee, you may be able to make a submission about it. Select committees ask for your opinion by ‘calling for submissions’.

The select committee submission process Enlarge image

Source: Office of the Clerk

What is a submission?

A submission is your chance to present your opinions, observations, and recommendations on a matter before a select committee. Submissions are written, but you may also ask to talk to the committee in person. This way, committee members can ask you more detailed questions about your recommendations.

When to make a submission

It is normal for committees to ask for submissions, but it is not compulsory. Select committees advertise for submissions in lots of different ways, but a list of what is currently open for submissions can be found here. You will also find information on the deadline for submissions and which committee is call for the submissions.

How to make a submission

It is easier for a select committee to understand your submission if you present it well. You may write in English or Māori. The guides provided in the related content section below explain the submission process and the operation of select committees in more detail.