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Insurance (Prompt Settlement of Claims for Uninhabitable Residential Property) Bill

Published date: 23 Jul 2020

Public submissions are now being called for the Insurance (Prompt Settlement of Claims for Uninhabitable Residential Property) Bill

The closing date for submissions will be determined by a later date

This bill would provide:

  • a legal framework and parameters for when insurance companies must act by;​
  • an opportunity for the time frame to be extended in extreme circumstances at the Minister’s discretion;
  • a faster response and resolution for claimants;
  • less stress and emotional burden for claimants affected by drawn out insurance claims; and
  • clarity surrounding the claim process in regards to targets and deadlines.

This bill is available online from the ‘Related links’ panel.

What do you need to know?

  • Submissions are publicly released and published to the Parliament website. Only your name or organisation’s name is required on a submission. Please keep your contact details separate, as if they are included on the submission they will become publicly available when the submission is released.
  • If you wish to include information of a private or personal nature in your submission you should discuss this with the clerk of the committee before submitting.
  • If you wish to speak to your submission, please state this clearly.

Further guidance on making a submission can be found from the ‘How to make a submission’ link in the ‘Related documents’ panel.

If you have any questions about your submission or the submission process please contact the Committee Staff through the contact details provided on this page.

Submissions are now being accepted