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Welcome to the Regulations Review Committee homepage.  To keep New Zealand running efficiently, law making powers are often given to bodies that are not Parliament. These bodies make rules about common things like ACC fees, industry standards and civil defence responses that can have a nationwide impact. The Regulations Review Committee makes sure that all these rules have been made fairly and are used consistently.

This page contains content for the current 52nd Parliament (2017-2020). 

The Schedule of Meetings sets out committee meeting dates for the coming week.

Schedule of meetings

The schedule is subject to change at short notice.

Meet the Regulations Review Committee

Committee Chairperson Alastair Scott introduces us to the work of the Regulations Review Committee.

Committee members

There are currently 6 members on the Regulations Review committee.


MP Name:
Scott, Alastair
Party, Electorate:
National Party, Wairarapa
Alastair Scott
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