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Where to watch select committees

Parliament is committed to making it easier for everyone in New Zealand to get involved with select committees and have their say.

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Source: Office of the Clerk

Many select committee meetings at Parliament are open to the public. You can watch some select committee meetings live on Facebook, from anywhere in the country.

You can also make an oral submission to some select committees by video conference, from wherever you are in New Zealand.

Watching live streams of select committee meetings

Check the schedule of meetings to see which select committee meetings are on this week, where they are being held, and whether a live stream is available.

Select committees live-stream meetings on their Facebook pages. The Facebook page for each committee is linked below:

If a committee does not have its own Facebook page, information on where to watch the livestream can be found on the schedule of meetings.

Making a submission via video-conference

When you make a submission electronically on the NZ Parliament website, you will asked if you want to talk to the committee in person.

If you choose to talk to the committee in person and you live outside of Wellington or find it difficult to get to Parliament because of a disability, you may be given the option of making your oral submission remotely by video conference. To do this you will need to be able to connect to a video conference via PC, tablet, Android or Apple devices. If the select committee meeting is being live-streamed, your submission will appear on Facebook.

This video shows you how to make an oral submission by video conference.

13 June 2018: Video conferencing to Select Committees. Source: Office of the Clerk. [Video duration: 2 min 43 sec]