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Kia ora - Our House is your house

Kia ora and welcome to the 'Our House is your house' section of the Parliament website.

Youth MP's in the Debating chamber Enlarge image

Youth MP's in the Debating chamber during New Zealand Youth Parliament 2013

Source: Ministry of Youth Development

With the ever increasing rate of social change, using Parliament as a context for learning is an ideal way of approaching a range of social inquiries. It provides opportunities for students to ask questions and examine relevant current issues, to observe how people make decisions and understand how they can participate.

Teachers and students, you can use this section of the Parliament website as a springboard to help you better understand and participate in the work of Parliament by accessing a wide range of information on the Parliament website. Each term we will be changing the featured content on in this section and this content will help you find your way around the website.

You can also use this section to compliment a visit to Parliament or to help you focus on a topic that particularly interests you. There is also a vocabulary builder to help unpack unfamiliar words.