New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa


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Explore Parliament

Published date: 10 Oct 2014

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Explore Parliament resource materials focus on the work of Parliament as well as providing teacher support material and links to the New Zealand curriculum. Two sets are available – a primary set (Years 5-8) and a secondary set (Years 9-10).  Each set contains ten laminated cards and a teacher’s guide.

Each card contains information relating to an aspect of the work of Parliament including:

  1. What is Parliament?
  2. How do we choose who will represent us?
  3. How does Parliament work?
  4. How does Parliament make laws?
  5. How does Parliament give people a voice in law-making?
  6. What is Parliament’s role in making decisions about money?
  7. How is Government answerable for decisions it makes?
  8. How does Parliament recognise the Treaty of Waitangi?
  9. What are the links between Parliament and local government?
  10. How can I participate in the work of Parliament?

The teacher’s guide provides curriculum links and focus questions for each card, a glossary of Parliamentary terms and useful websites to further support learning.