Explore Parliament

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Explore Parliament resource materials focus on the work of Parliament as well as providing teacher support material and links to the New Zealand curriculum. Two sets are available – a primary set (Years 5-8) and a secondary set (Years 9-10).  Each set contains ten laminated cards and a teacher’s guide.

Each card contains information relating to an aspect of the work of Parliament including:

  • What is Parliament?
  • How do we choose who will represent us?
  • How does Parliament work?
  • How does Parliament make laws?
  • How does Parliament give people a voice in law-making?
  • What is Parliament’s role in making decisions about money?
  • How is Government answerable for decisions it makes?
  • How does Parliament recognise the Treaty of Waitangi?
  • What are the links between Parliament and local government?
  • How can I participate in the work of Parliament?

The teacher’s guide provides curriculum links and focus questions for each card, a glossary of Parliamentary terms and useful websites to further support learning.