How do Search and Advanced Search work?

Searching for content across the website works similarly to a Google internet search. The parliament website uses a Google Search Appliance (GSA) to find the content you’re looking for across 1.2 million pages and documents.

To get started, find the search box in the top right corner of each webpage. 

What does your search using the GSA include?

Everything published on the website, including the content of some PDF files.

Please note that some PDF files supplied to Parliament (by the public and organisations) are scanned as images by the original provider or author. PDF files provided to us in this format are beyond our control. Unfortunately this means the documents content is not able to be searched by the GSA.

Tips to get the search results you want

To find results that ‘best match’ your search terms, simply type the word or words and enter your search e.g. sitting calendar 2016 [press enter or the magnifying glass icon]

To find results that contain all of your search terms, connect them with a capital ‘AND’
e.g. parties AND electorates

To find results that contain any of your search terms, join them with a capital ‘OR’
e.g.  member OR mp

To find results that exclude one or more search terms, precede them with a minus sign
e.g. parties -electorates

To find results that contain your search terms as a phrase, join them with quote marks
e.g.  “member of parliament”

To find results that contain your search terms in the title, precede them with intitle:
e.g.  intitle:waitangi
e.g.  allintitle:waitangi bill

To find results that contain your search terms in PDF files, follow them with filetype:PDF
e.g.  tppa submission filetype:PDF

Refining your search

From the search results screen you can use the ‘Refine Search’ selections on the left to further filter your results by restricting to particular sections of the site (eg Hansard, Select Committees etc).

Advanced and expert search

Above the search box or below your returned search results you will also find an advanced and expert search template for more detailed searching. Please try using the advanced and expert search if you’re unable to get the results you need from a standard search. 

Need search help from a person?

At any stage, if you have difficulty finding what you are seeking please contact the Parliamentary Information Service.