Welcome to Youth Parliament 2016

On 19 and 20, 138 young people from around the country participated in Youth Parliament 2016.

New Zealand Youth Parliament twitter cover Enlarge image

Source: Ministry of Youth Development

Youth Parliament is an opportunity for young New Zealanders to learn about New Zealand’s democracy and influence public decision-making.

Youth MPs sit in the seat of the MP that they have been selected to represent.

In 2016, while the 121 Youth MPs were in Parliament they:

  • asked oral questions to Ministers
  • participated in a general debate about issues facing their communities
  • sat on select committees to consider submissions on selected topics, and report their recommendations to the House
  • debated the third reading of a mock bill called the Accessible Web Pages and Apps Bill.

Meanwhile, the 17 Youth Press Gallery members reported on the proceedings.

The select committee topics, the text of the mock bill, and further information can be found on the Youth Parliament section of the Parliament website.